Rainbow Café Menu

Pot of tea 60pSoup and Roll £1.40
Herbal/Fruit Tea 70p
Coffee (filter) 70pJacket Potato and Butter £1.30
Hot Chocolate 90pChoice of Fillings:
Squash 30p   Baked Beans or Coleslaw 50p
Fruit Juice 50p   Cheese 70p
Mineral Water 50p   Beef Chilli £1.00
      Tuna Mayonnaise 90p
Toasted Teacake 50pJacket Potatoes are Served with Salad Garnish
Homemade Cake 70pMain meals (served with salad)
Packet Biscuits 25pLasagne £3.50
Cereal Bar 50pBeef Chilli and Crusty Bread £3.50
   Minced Lamb Hotpot £3.50
   Cheese and Potato Pie £2.70
   Daily Specials - such as:
   Chicken Curry and Naan£3.50
Sandwiches on White or Brown Bread £1.40Cottage Pie £3.50
Baguette £1.50Vegatarian Pasta/Chili/Lasgne£2.70
   Fillings: Ham, Cheese, Salad, Marmite or Tuna MayonnaiseMain Meal Baguette    50p
   Extra fillings: Tomato, Cucumber, Pickle, Coleslaw 30p eachMain Meal Toast     30p
Toasted Sandwiches: Ham, Cheese or Tomato £1.50
All Sandwiches / Baguettes Served with Salad Garnish and Pringles

Where possible it is our policy to use Fairly Traded products

Prices correct as of 17th July 2013.