Monthly Quiz

Every Month a Different Format

Monthly Quiz

Every month we hold a small friendly quiz, that lasts about two to two and a half hours.

Each month the format is different, so it never gets repetitive.

Up to 2018 we ran a mix of daytime and evening events to give all a chance to attend, but demand meant events were on Thursday afternoons. From 2022 we have switched to Sunday afternoon (usually third in the month) from 2019, apart from our Christmas special.

The events are held either as team events or individual events depending on the format.

There is usually a short break for tea and coffee and biscuits during the session.

A retiring collection is taken for the Church Charity, Mercy Ships in 2014, Christians Against Poverty in 2015, Mityana Charity in 2016, Alzheimer's Research UK in 2017 and CBM in 2018 and Duchess of Kent Hospice in 2019.

Check the Events Calendar for future dates, when announced.

Contact Tony on 9268143 for more details.

Past Events

The first, a Picture Quiz held on the afternoon of 25th April 2013, was won by Janet Morris, who proved best at recognising faces of famous people. The next quiz, on the evening of Saturday 25th May in the style of Only Connect, was won by the team of Ann Peddle, Janet Morris and Beryl Langton. On 18th June we played Blockbusters, with Beryl Langton and Dorothy Flint being the winners. On 20th July we had Pointless as the theme, with Beryl Langton and Hannah McIntosh winning by scoring more than 200 points fewer than the other teams over 14 rounds.

In August we had a slight change that due to popular demand, we played Countdown, in teams, on Saturday 17th August from 19:30 (with a games afternoon earlier on from 14:00). The team of Maggie Chiverton, Jim Clare, Mary Nash and Beryl Langton beat Daniel Chiverton, Dorthy Flint, Ian Marsh and Brenda McIntosh 58-48 in a 10-round final.

The Picture Quiz returned on the afternoon of 3rd September. The team of Beryl, Rene and Tony, after two close rounds, won the third round by 5 points to beat Fiona, Jenny and David two rounds to one (13.5-15,17-16,15-10).

On the evening of 26th October we played Outburst, trying to name items in categories to match the ten on the cards. Winners were Fiona, Jenny and David with 99 points, second were Tony, Beryl and Janet with 95 and third were Lynn, Sandra and Janet with 90.

On the afternoon of 21st November the theme was On This Day in History. Contestants selected dates in a daily fact calendar which suggested a question (and also a thought-provoking daily proverb). The winning team was Martyn, Jean L. and Beryl with 42, ahead of Dorothy, Sandra and Jean D. with 29.

The evening quiz on 14th December was a Christmas Name That Tune. In the first section the team of Hannah, Brenda, Sandra, Beryl and Lynn proved the best at solving criptic clues and recognising notes played on the piano by Martyn, whilst in the second section Hannah moved to the the team of David, Jenny, Fiona and Allan and helped them to victory.


16th January 2014's format was Many A Slip, where a narrative about the Bible was read and two teams had to spot, and correct, errors. After the Old Testament, Martyn, Brenda, Hannah, Dorothy, David and Fiona had scored 135 to Sandra, Diane, Rene, Beryl, Jenny and Rosemary's 58. At this point Martyn changed sides and the second team were the New Testament winners, 85 points to 33.

15th February was a quiz on the theme of Pairs, where two matching items had to be selected from a list, for example two books by the same author or a US state and its capital. The Boys and McIntoshes team (David, Martyn, Jonathan, Hannah and Brenda) proved best at this, winning 92-75 against the Girls team (Sandra, Rosemary, Jenny, Janet and Dorothy).

On 13th March the format was Fifteen to One, but actually only 7 or 8 to 1. The winners of the three games were Brenda McIntosh with 101 points and Hannah McIntosh with 42 and then with 32 points. On 12th April the format was Eggheads and Martyn Neads managed to be on the winning team all 4 times. Brenda McIntosh was second with three wins.

On the afternoon of 29th May Martyn puzzled three teams with a selection of Dingbats. The back row team of Tony, Fiona, Jenny and Dave smuggly scored 32 points, to the front row's 24 (Brenda, Hannah, Diane and Rosemary) and the middle row's 14 (Dorothy, Sandra, Eileen and Janet).

On the afternoon on 26th June three teams of three tackled questions from past Action For Children quiz evenings and tried to spot the link between the answers or questions. Hannah, Brenda and Sandra proved best at this with 50 points, Martyn, Gwen and Eileen scored 44 and Diane, Rosemary and Dorothy scored 38.

On the evening of 26th July the theme was Spot the Intro. In the first half, Tony, Lynn, David and Rosemary scored 78 to Beryl, Brenda, Hannah and Fiona on 70 and Dorothy, Jenny, Sandra and Janet on 42.5, and in the second half the scores were 98, to 70, to 58, the same teams.

After a summer break we were back on the afternoon of 25th September playing Wild Guess. Eileen scored 18, Gwen 20, Rosemary 25, Dorothy, Diane and Pauline 27 and Sandra 30. After a tie-break question (How many minutes after Neil Armstrong did Buzz Aldrin step onto the moon?), Janet B was the winner by 32 points to Tony's 31.

Hannah and Brenda were the quiz hosts on 25th October and Janet B was the best of the five competitors at pairing up answers, scoring 22 in categories Books and Authors, French Words and Art. On 20th November the style was Only Connect and at the end Fiona, Beryl, Ruth, Diane and Dorothy were 3 points ahead on 44, but after a steward's enquiry the deficit was changed to 1 point for Hannah, Brenda, Janet, Gwen and Eileen. Christmas Mastermind on 18th December was won by Lindsey, Diane and Brenda with 31 points (to 25, 24 and 18 points).


The first quiz of 2015, on 22nd January, was Nostalgia on the 60s, 70s and 80s. The team scores were: Diane, Sandra, Janet, Dorothy and Rosemary 39; Eileen, Gwen, Brenda and Hannah 47; Ruth, Tony, Beryl and Jean 55. On 14th February two teams collected coloured question cards from Isaac Asimov's Super Quiz. Brenda, Eileen, Jack and Rosemary won the first round; Hannah, Elizabeth and Chris won the second. On 19th March the theme was sorting lists of five items into order; Tony, Gwen, Eileen and Diane scored 76, whilst the other two teams both got 64 (Beryl, Beryl, Jean, Janet and Dorothy; Hannah, Fiona, Sandra and Brenda).

On 18th April four teams of three played University Challenge (Tony-style) and Hannah, Brenda and Ruth came first in the final with 185, to Lynn, Jill and Paul's 70. On the 14th May, Beryl, Diane and Sandra proved to be both best at recognising famous English men and women (by 5 points) and at Ditloids (by 1 point).

On 25th June we played Linkee with Hannah, Brenda, Dorothy and Tony winning with 22 points, to Madge, Graham, Andrew and Janet on 10 and Jack, Beryl, Diane and Sandra on 7 (with 3 unanswered). On 23rd July we played Wild Guess again, but in teams this time. Hannah, Brenda and Sandra got an early lead which stayed to the end (33), despite a late flourish from Tony, Gwen and Eileen (25), and a steady performace from Pam, Fiona and Joan (26); Diane, Jean and Beryl were fourth (18).

On 8th August we had Team Countdown, where Dorothy ended up on all three winning sides (including once on her own). On 24th September Martyn's Dingbats were back; Diane, Lynn, David and Dorothy won 43 to Gwen, Eileen, Jean and Tony's 35.

Our open quiz for teams on Saturday 31st October was Called "Trick and Treat": "Trick" was the trickiness of the questions and "Treat" was the finger buffet and refreshments. We had six teams of 5 or 6 players and each round of the quiz was on a different format - mostly based on television quiz shows. The winners were team Russia with 84, led by David, and second were Netherlands, led by Hannah, with 76. Both teams won chocolates.

On 19th November we played "Tug of Words". Diane and Sandra scored 28, Dorothy and Eileen scored 49 and David and Tony 51. Our last session of 2015 was on 19th December with Martyn operating the Spot the Intro CD. Team one (Lindsey, Hannah, Brenda and David) won the first half (104 to 40,30,73) and also the second half (96 to 61,73). The total raised in 2015 for Christians Against Poverty was £277.85.


The first quiz of 2016 was taken from the book "A to Z of Pointless". Sandra and Ruth got to the jackpot round twice, and Hannah and Brenda got to the final and "won the jackpot" by saying Mark Selby lost a World Snooker Final. Diane and Sandra also got a pointless answer in a question about countries with X, Y or Z in their name (Guyana).

The second meeting was an evening meeting on Friday 12th February, joint with Pastoral Groups 1 and 2. The theme was "On This Day in History" and each daily question came with an aphorism and a religious joke. Beryl, Robert, Andrew and Hannah won with 19, to Joan, Vera, Dorothy, Margery and Richard on 11, and Jill, John, Audrey, Sandra and Janet also on 11. On 17th March the theme was the Guinness Book of Records and Beryl, Brenda and Hannah came out close winners 18-15 to Ruth, Diane, Fiona and Rosemary. Martyn hosted a history connections quiz on the evening on 9th April. Lynn and Brenda scored 5, Rosemary and Sandra 5, Robert and Andrew 10, and Hannah and Tony 11. On 12th May questions were answered Brain of Britain-style on six subjects; players (scores) were: Tony (53), Beryl (39), Hannah (39), Dorothy (17), Diane (14) and Eileen (10). On 16th June Martin and Ruth proved to be the best at Tony's Pointless, with both Hannah and Brenda, and Diane and Beryl making the head to head once each. On 28th July Martyn's pub quiz went Hannah 16, Tony and Rosemary 28 before the break and Tony 24, Hannah and Rosemary 33 after. On 13th August we returned to Wild Guess. Dorothy and Tony proved the best at estimating the answers to the wide-ranging numerical questions scoring 46. Hannah, Brenda and Rosemary scored 45, Andrew and Robert 43, Graham and Andrew 42, and Lynn and Madge 35. On 22nd September, the quiz source was the TV Quiz Book from 1960. Hannah and Eileen were winners with 26, to Diane and Beryl's 24, Brenda and Ruth's 20 and Martin's 17.

At the evening quiz on 29th October, Tony put on a picture quiz based on his slide collection. Sandra, Martyn, Lynn and David scored 94 to Hannah, Brenda, David and Ruth's 65. The November quiz started with some Absolute Balderdash questions, which proved too hard, Fiona and Beryl being the only ones to score a point. The main questions were from a quiz book on Britain in which George and Tony were best, with 19 points to Fiona and Beryl's 17. The other three teams scored 5 each.

On 22nd December the task was to identify the programmes from "Great TV Themes" CDs. Hannah and Brenda were the best at answering the follow-up questions to end in first place with 23. On 17 were Robert and Andrew, Martyn and Ruth, Beryl and Pauline, on 16 Lindsey and Eileen, Valerie and Jean, 15 Fiona and Diane, and 12 Dorothy and David. In all for 2016 the club raised 110.44 for the church charity project, Mityana. Hannah was the best quizzer of 2016.


The first quiz of 2017 was a Daily Telegraph Pub Quiz on 19th January. Tony was answered the most questions correctly with 23, to Brenda's 21, Hannah's 14, Dave's 12, Lynn's 11, Ruth's 10 and Diane's 9. On 18th February we played "!mpossible" based on the BBC quiz. Andrew was the winner with 39 pts, Martyn had 31, Robert 26, Brenda 24, Hannah 18 and Dorothy 17. Nobody won the three jackpot rounds to earn the chocolate biscuits.

On 30th March we were sorting Martyn's lists into order. After three tie breaks the winners were Hannah and Dorothy/Tony with 71 to Beryl and Fiona's 69. Jim and Diane scored 62 and the other two pairs 49. On the 27th April Martyn used his pub quiz book to determine that Hannah was the best quizzer of the day with 78 points; Tony scored 58, Ruth 49, Eileen and Brenda 40, and Sandra 26. On 27th May Dorothy proved the best at Eggheads winning four head-to-heads (8 points to Tony's 7, Brenda's 6 and Martyn and Hannah's 4). On 15th June Hannah was the best at Geography Trivia with 21, to Martyn's 18, Robert's 17, Beryl on 15, Andrew on 12, Diane on 11, Eileen 6.5 and Ruth 6. On 20th July it was a pub quiz in pairs: Stella and Dorothy got 10, Diane and Dave 24, Robert and Andrew 27, Erica and Pam 30 to Hannah and Tony's 66.

On 17th August we played "Pointmore". Hannah won with 65 points thanks to her knowledge of Blue Peter presenters and US states. Andrew scored 39, Fiona 35, Diane and Beryl both got 33, with Brenda and Robert both on 28. Eileen and Ginny could not stay for the entire time but scored 12 and 10 before they left. On 9th September Hannah and Brenda beat Robert and Andrew in a Geography quiz. On 19th October we had our annual session of Wild Guess. Robert, Andrew and Sandra proved the best at timating the answers to the wide-ranging numerical questions scoring 15. Equal second were Fiona and Dororthy, and Brenda, Hannah and Diane with 14, Lynn, Tony and Alexander scored 13 and Beryl and Eileen scored 10. Then on 16th November we played singles and doubles "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire". Martyn won with 500500 points, Hannah scored 250000, Jenny 157000, Lyn 125500, Beryl 48000, Diane 36000, Fiona 33000, Rosemary 17000 and David 2000. Our last session of 2017 was on 16th December with Tony operating the Spot the Intro CD. Lindsey and Chris won with 170 points, to Liz and Sue on 133, Hannah, Brenda and David with 124 and Andrew and Rosemary on 95.5. The total raised in 2017 for Alzheimer's Research UK was £89.50.


For the first meeting of 2018, on 18th January, we played Brain of Britain. Eileen scored 3, Diane 6, Jean and Andrew 11, Robert 12, Valerie 14 and Tony 33. On 15th February we used the odd-one-out questions from "Go Mental". Martyn won the winner's cake with 37. Pam had 33, Hannah 31, Andrew 27, Robert 25, Diane 24 and Rosemary 9. On 15th March Martyn entertained us with Dingbats; Dorothy, Diane and Tony won with 55 to 47 by Hannah, Brenda and Lynn and 39 by Jean, Beryl and Fiona. On 14th April the quiz what a back-to-school theme with teams pairing up items under different school subjects. Martyn and Dorothy won with 185, to Brenda and Hannah's 171 and Robert and Andrew's 159. On 24th May Martyn asked pub quiz questions; Brenda and Hannah were clear winners with 50, to Tony and Rosemary on 28, then Diane and Beryl plus Dorothy and Eileen, both on 27. The quiz on 21st June was Trivial Pursuit with Hannah snatching victory from Lynn at the end with 53 points to 51. Martyn was close third with 49, followed by Andrew on 41, Ruth on 27, Diane on 21 and Eileen on 17.

Hot Potato

On 28th July we held the Hot Potato Quiz, with Martyn presenting questions written by famous quiz host Peter Burden. Three teams battled it out, with the All Stars scoring 129 and Gekko 118. However the winners were The Invincibles (Beryl, Hannah, Andrew, Robert, Dorothy and Elizabeth) with 182 out of 192. There was no meeting in August, but Tony presented "The Countdown Experience" on 17th August, including the chance to watch his shows and see a real Countdown teapot. On 27th September we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the "TV Quiz Book". Robert won with 30 1/2 to Andrew's 25 1/3, Dorothy's 25 1/6, Hannah's 24 1/6, Ruth's 15, Lynn's 14 3/4 and Diane's 12 1/2. On 27th October Hannah hosted Letterbox, with Tony edging Rosemary into second place. On 22nd November we did "Six (Fifteen) to One". Hannah topped the leader board with 71, Brenda 61, Andrew 51 and Robert on 41. The final quiz of 2018 was on music. Martyn set initials of Christmas songs to identify; this ended almost a tie. The CD quiz section decided things though: Chris, Lindsey and Brenda were first with 112, Tony, Andrew and Brenda had 67, and team "not-Brenda" (Hannah, Elizabeth, Sue and Rosemary) got 68. The total raised in 2018 for CBM was £53.55, not including the Hot Potato Quiz.


To start the year Martyn quizzed us from the "Brain of Britain" quiz book. Tony was first with 50, to Hannah's 20, Brenda's 17 and Brenda's 7. On the 21st February, as it was Martyn's last quiz, Tony hosted "Beat the Minister"; over 15 rounds Martyn beat Rest of the World 204 to 199! To celebrate its return to TV, on 21st March we player "Blockbusters"; Beryl was first with 7 wins, to Simon's 5, Diane's 4, Hannah's 3 and Jean's 2. On 18th April it was a pop quiz. After the first hour Andrew was tied with Jack and Lindsay on 17. Brenda and Hannah had 11, Brenda and Jean had 9, Beryl and Fiona had 7.5. In the last half hour Jack and Lindsay ran out winners with another 14 to Brenda and Hannah's 7 and Andrew's 6. On 16th May we played "Wish You Were Here". Andrew won with 47, to Robert's 44 and Dorothy's 41; Beryl scored 36, Diane 34, Jean 33 and Rosemary 15. June's format was "Who Want's to Be a Millionaire"; Hannah won with 282000 points, to Dorothy's 141000, Brenda's 104000, Diane's 25000 and Ruth's 20000. On 18th July, Hannah was best at Pub Quiz with 57.5, with Fiona second on 38.5 and Diane on 35.

On 15th August we played "Lateral". Andrew and Robert beat Ginny and Fiona, but lost to Hannah and Brenda. Diane and Brenda beat Dorothy and Beryl, but lost in the final to Hannah and Brenda who survived by 3 seconds. On 19th September Fiona was best at questions from a 1960 quiz book with 43. Beryl got 37 to Dorothy's 36, Jenny and Ann took the next two places. On 17th October Brenda proved the best at beating the "Eggheads" with 19 points. Hannah was next with 17, then Robert with 14, and Andrew and Jenny had 12. Then followed Fiona, Beryl, Brenda, Jean and Diane. On 21st November we returned to the odd-one-out questions from "Go Mental". Hannah won with 36. Andrew and Robert had 25 each, Ruth 22 and Diane 19. We ended the year with our Saturday evening pop music special on 21st December: Chris and Lindsay won with 96 points, to Andrew, Sue and Bob on 63 and Hannah and Brenda on 52. The total raised in 2019 for Duchess of Kent Hospice was £90.90.


Andrew gave us the Action For Children 2019 quiz on 16th January and Hannah, Brenda and Brenda were the winners with 35 points, to Tony and Robert's 25 and Ruth, Jean and Diane on 23. On 20th February questions were from the BBC News Quiz: Hannah won with 13, to Andrew's 12.5, Brenda's 11.5, Fiona and Jean/Brenda on 8, Diane on 7 and Dorothy on 5.


Quiz club returned after the hiatus on Sunday 19th June. We played Trivial Pursuit by Brain of Britain rules. Hannah scored 40 points to Andrew's 34, Brenda on 19, Ruth 17 and Beryl 12. On Sunday 24th July contestants picked a topic from the 1958 TV Quiz Book. James was the winner, scoring 25 on DIY, with Ann on 21, David 19, Hannah 19, Brenda 15 and Andrew 13. On 21st August, Brenda won the On This Day quiz as she was the only one to turn up! "Pointmore" returned for 23rd October with Hannah scoring 112, to Brenda's 64, Ruth's 63, Andrew's 58 and Rosemary's 27. On 20th November two teams of "Eggheads" battled it out, with Andrew, Hannah, Dorothy and Beryl beating Brenda, Ruth, David and Rosemary 4 games to 1.


The first quiz of the year on 19th February used two sets of quiz cards (thanks Lin). Best at "Last One In" true or false questions was Brenda and she was also best at "Wordly Wise" winning with 11 to Andrew's 10 and Ruth's 9, with the others (Beryl, Trevor, Jean and Rosemary) not far behind. On 19th March it was a food quiz and Dorothy showed she was a true foodie with 28.5. Brenda scored 24, Hannah 18.5, Beryl 14 and then Jean, Andrew, Rosemary and David. On 16th April we played "Call My Bluff". Vicky was the best lexicographer with 6 points, Rosemary and Andrew got 5, Hannah 4, and Brenda, Ruth and Trevor scored 3. On 18th June Ruth proved to be best on trivia of the last four decades, with Rosemary second and Dorothy third. The BBC News Quiz was back on the 23rd July. Beryl proved to be the news hound with 20, ahead of Andrew and Brenda on 18, Trevor on 12, Rosemary on 11.5 and David on 10. On 20th August Hannah and Brenda got to the "Pointless" final four times but sadly didn't win the "jackpot"! On 17th September we answered questions from the 1960 "First Illustrated TV Quiz Book"; Dorothy ended top with 21, Ruth on 20, Beryl 18, Jean 17 and Rosemary 15. On 22nd October it was 15 To 1 (7 to 1). Beryl won the first game and Brenda the second. Hannah was second in both. On 19th November a team of Hannah, Brenda and Dave got over 70% on the latest Boy's Brigade Quiz, to beat the other team with a worthy 50%.


The first quiz of the year on 21st January saw the return of the BBC News Quiz. Rosemary was our news hound with 10 points, with Brenda on 9 and Dorothy on 4. The February edition on 18th was a literature quiz. Winner was Oxfam Bookshop's Andrew with 24. Second was Brenda with 15, just ahead of Ruth with 14. Fourth was Dorothy and fifth was Rosemary. On 17th March Mastermind was the inspiration for a quiz with tied first for Brenda and Dorothy on 16, ahead of David, Rosemary and Ruth.

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