The Minister

Revd Dr James Mather

Our minister from May 2019 is Revd Dr James Mather.

He is a semi-retired minister now living, with his wife Jane, just north of Caversham.

James worked as an architect before entering the ministry with the Church of Scotland in London. He worked with the Methodist Church in Chelsea and until very recently was taking care of a URC church in Kensington.

He is minister to both Christ Church and to Woodley Airfield Church.

Former Ministers

Former ministers, taken from both the URC and the Methodist church, have included hymn-writer Peter Jarvis and Bernard Arnold, the Methodist minister at the time of formation of Christ Church in 1982. He was followed by evangelist Bill Mason and then Audrey Simpson who moved on to be circuit superintendant elsewhere. She was followed by scientist Mike Hill, who left in 2008, after seven years, to take up an appointment in the High Wycombe Circuit.

Revd  C S Day Revd Bernard Arnold Revd Bill Mason Revd Jim Gould Revd Audrey Simpson Revd Kate Pryde

After Mike, our Interim Moderator until the next appointment was Gordon Connell. Gordon was at the time unpaid URC Minister, working also in the library at Reading University. Helping out with the pastoral work was Valerie Fisher who had recently retired from full time Methodist ministry.

Prof Tony Bell Revd Dr Mike Hill Revd Valerie Fisher Revd Gordon Connell Revd Martyn Neads

Our Minister from September 2009 until March 2019 was URC minister Martyn Neads. He helped set up a culture of games and quizzes at Christ Church. He was on sabbatical in autumn 2018 studying the character of Jesus in movies. He is married to Lynn, with a young son Alex. He was previously based in Plymouth and left to move to Swanage, with URC churches there and in Wareham and Poole.

Our ministers work with the local Methodist circuit, even if from the URC tradition. We were part of the Reading and Silchester Circuit and from 31st August 2014 became part of the larger Basingstoke and Reading Circuit (26/4).

Page last updated 8th October 2019.