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History of Our Church

Christ Church came into being on 7th November 1982 when Woodley Methodist Church and Woodley United Reformed Church (URC) united to become a joint church.

Old Chapel

The United Reformed Church fellowship, which prior to 1972 was the Woodley Congregational Church worshipped in the Old Chapel in Loddon Bridge Road. The chapel was built in 1834 and was both the first church in Woodley as well as its first school; it is now an estate agents. The Methodist Church in Woodley dates from 1958, worshipping in the Coronation Hall and the former Secondary Modern School (now Rivermead School). The first church on the current site in Crockhamwell Road was built in 1963. It now forms the Church Hall; it was notorious for its lack of windows, which were added later. The current area used for worship was opened in 1982 just two months before the churches were united. It has a modern design with a distinctive pyramidal roof and stained glass windows in the sanctuary, shown below. It contains various memorials. It is also home to our Millennium Banner.


Christ Church has had various Ministers from both Methodist and URC traditions. Here is a list of ministers.

Left Window Right Window

Christ Church has sought to incorporate the best features of both its parent denominations. As it uses Methodist premises there was until 2011 a Church Council which acted as managing trustees for the property. The main decision making body of the church was the General Church Meeting which met quarterly. Until 2008 the day to day running was by the Senior Steward and the team of Stewards. There were also four Pastoral Elders to give help and support in pastoral care. We then set up a new Church Leadership Team of 11 members plus the minister to over see the running and pastoral care of the church. From 2013 a smaller team of around 9 has acted as the trustees of the church, reporting to quarterly Congregational Meetings.

In addition there are 9 Pastoral Groups, each with a Pastoral Group Leader, to which members of the congregation are invited to join for fellowship, care and support.

As a church we also involved with the work of Churches Together in Woodley.

Since the building of the new worship area, we have three halls of various sizes and a meeting room (the Stenner Lounge), available for hire for use by the wider community.

In 2006 we started the Rainbow Café, open three mornings a week, using our modern fitted kitchen.

Since 2011, once a month on a Sunday afternoon (except August), we have been holding Messy Church.

On 22nd July 2013 we were registered as a separate charity (number 1152991).

After 31st August 2014 we have been part of the newly formed Basingstoke and Reading Methodist Circuit (26/4), previously having been part of Reading and Silchester Circuit (Reading Circuit until 1982).

During 2015 the main corridor was rebuilt to lower the slope of the ramp, and the vestibule area altered to provide a kitchenette and the top hall was refurbished. In Summer 2019 the kitchen was enlarged and the ladies' toilet was reorganised, abolishing the kitchen corridor.

Woodley Airfiled Church closed in summer 2023 and may of their members moved across to join us.

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